Custom Concrete

As Oklahoma City concrete specialists, Target Roofing and Construction provides a variety of concrete varieties and styles. We also specialize in concrete staining, which brings a personalized element to your concrete construction projects.

Basic Stain: This is for fairly new concrete, and there are two ways to do this. Water base stain is a semi-translucent stain (comparable to paint) — this stain comes in twenty colors or acid stain for newer and older concrete. This is an acid base with mineral salts that give 10 different color choices. Seven of these colors can be used outside and three are for indoor use only because the sun will cause a reaction with the greens and blue.
After staining the concrete you will want at least two coats of acrylic sealer — this protects the stain from the elements and foot traffic. The cost for a basic stain starts at 3.50 per foot (depending on total square footage).

Micro-top: A micro top is a thin polymer-based cement topping that gives you a new surface that is suitable for staining. This is used mostly in existing residential housing that have already had the build out completed or have been lived in for an few years. This process is done by removing the carpet and tack strip, and patching any holes to apply the micro-topping. After micro-topping has been laid, you can stain and seal as normal. The cost for a micro-top stain and seal is approximately $4.50 per foot (depending on square footage total).

Resurfacing: This is usually contained to driveways and sidewalks that need to be stained or just re-stained. The resurface material is comparable to concrete because of the coarser aggregate (sand diameter) that often times is broom finished but can be trowel finished. It is used mainly to repair scaling (flaking) caused by leaving ice melt (or salt) on the pavement without rinsing the residue. Resurfacing cost about $5.00 per square foot (depending on total square footage).

Overlays: By definition, are 3/8′ in thickness and are used mainly to be stamped, or are also used when it is not feasible to tear out the concrete and pour new concrete, as inside a residence or commercial building that is wanting to have a stamped concrete over their existing flat concrete. A stamped and stained overlay will cost about $11.00 per square foot (depending on the square footage).

We also offer new stamped concrete, and we will tear out an existing slab and pour back to a trowel finish. At this time if it is desired to be stamped it will be done while the concrete is still moist enough to do so. Then this concrete can be stained and sealed as mentioned above. The cost for tear out stamp stain and seal is $11.00 per foot (depending on total square footage).

Scoring: is a process that will make your plain or stamped concrete appear to look like tile. This can be done inside or outside, horizontally or on a diagonal and the cost is normally $1.00 per linear foot.

As Oklahoma City contractors, we offer a variety of other services in addition to our concrete staining, including Oklahoma roofing and other minor residential and commercial construction products. Contact us today to find out more.