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Target Roofing & Construction

Target Roofing & Construction is a locally owned Roofing Contractor specializing in interior and exterior remodeling  work for residential and commercial properties in Oklahoma. Our work includes shingle roofs, flat roofs, siding, gutters, windows, decks, painting, sheetrock, and many others.

We handle commercial and residential  roofing, siding and windows for homes, apartment buildings and townhomes.  Storm damage claims are handled through our Insurance Restoration Service that walks you through the process and handles all the paperwork with your insurance company so you don’t have to.

Target Roofing & Construction  is committed to providing superior service and value to our customers through new technologies, superior craftsmanship and our commitment to providing our customer with the best products at fair prices.   When we handle your project you have local experience and many satisfied customers and references in your community.  Here at Target Roofing & Construction we are committed to make you our next satisfied customer.


We will match your insurance adjustment so there is not any extra money out of your pocket. Let your Target Roofing & Construction  representative work with your insurance company to insure you receive the fairest settlement from your insurance company.


Target Roofing & Construction may upgrade your roof from your current three-tab roof to Elk’s Life Time superior shingle at no extra cost to the homeowner. We also install the highest quality vents, turbines and plumbing boots. We can also take the extra step to paint these accessories to match your roof.



Target Roofing & Construction will sign and send in manufacturer warranty papers upon final payment, so your warranty is on file with the manufacturer. Until this is done, there is no such thing as a warranty.



We are second to none when it comes to quality workmanship. One of our knowledgeable inspectors will inspect your roof making sure your roof will meet local and state building codes. If required, a building permit will be pulled and posted to insure proper installation. Target Roofing & Construction provides a Six Year Guarantee on Workmanship.

Lien Waiver


This is the most important part of any roofing contract. Once your roof has been completed and paid in full, Target Roofing & Construction will provide you with a release of lien that insures all material and labor has been paid.